Friday, August 5, 2011

list of ways i've seen grunts die.

We'll I have seen grunts die in many ways so here is the list for you.
  1. The grunt blew up by his own grenade 
  2. run over by scorpion
  3. killed by elite
  4. banshee exploded on ground
  5. ran into a mine
  6. fell of cliff edge
  7. run over by ghost
  8. glitch flew a grunt across the screen
  9. fell down elevator shaft
  10. fell of building
  11. got stuck on a falcon and then blade killed the grunt
  12. ran over by warthog
  13. weapon exploded in face
  14. wraith exploded in face
  15. fell off small hill
  16. stabbed by knife
  17. got stepped on by hunter
  18. shot by a jackal
  19. ran into wall (not kidding)
  20. hit by supply drop
  21. drowned in the water
  22. ran into by mongoose
  23. shadow turret explodes
  24. a crate fell on a grunts head

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